Risks of Wisdom Teeth and Gum Disease

Risks of Wisdom Teeth and Gum Disease from Smiles Dental Care in Mountain View, CAIf you have wisdom teeth coming in, it may be a good idea to talk to your dentist. Removing these teeth might be the right option so that you can avoid pain and discomfort. There often is not enough space for these teeth to grow in properly. This creates a host of concerns and health issues. You may face a risk of suffering tooth decay. Gum disease is also more likely when these teeth erupt.

Reasons to consider removing wisdom teeth

Not everyone must remove their third set of molars. These teeth may come in with enough space and not present any problems. But many patients do not have this fortune. These molars may come in crooked, causing alignment issues and problems with the bite. This can cause tooth and jaw pain. A wisdom tooth may also grow in sideways, damaging an adjacent tooth. There are also effects on the wisdom tooth’s health and the tissue surrounding it.

Understanding gum disease

Gum disease is a serious condition that can lead to tooth loss and bone loss. It occurs when bacteria attack the gums, causing deterioration. Some of the main signs and symptoms of this disease are gum pain, swollen and inflamed gums, bleeding gums, and tenderness. The most effective way to avoid gum disease is to floss daily and brush at least twice a day. This helps to keep plaque and tartar from building up on the wisdom teeth and the gumline.

A difficult area to floss

Flossing is an activity that many patients neglect. Not flossing regularly causes bacteria to attack the gums and teeth, destroying the enamel layer and supporting tissue. Though flossing only takes a few moments, people ignore its importance. This is especially true with wisdom teeth, which can be difficult to reach. A patient may either give up trying to get the floss in between the wisdom tooth and second molars or not do an effective job.

Brushing challenges

Brushing twice a day will also help to prevent gum disease around the wisdom teeth. Not only can these teeth be difficult to hit with floss and toothpaste, but the teeth can have alignment problems. When a tooth is oddly shaped or crowded in with other teeth, it is not uncommon to miss part of it when brushing. Over time, this can affect the tooth itself and the gums.

Removing the teeth early

Wisdom teeth removal might be the right decision before the teeth ever come in. This can help to avoid gum disease in the first place. Dentists recommend this procedure in a person’s late teens to early 20s. At this point, the surgery poses fewer challenges, as the bones are softer.

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Enjoy good oral health by removing your third set of molars

Having wisdom teeth removal surgery is common. You can stay away from troubles such as gum disease by having a dentist take out these molars. If you are concerned about these teeth coming in and causing issues, talk to your dentist. Now might be the right time to get started.

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