Why a Missing Tooth Should Be Replaced

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Mountain View, CA

Having at least one missing tooth can cause chaos in your mouth. It can also affect your general health. Replacing your missing dentition will restore your dental health. If you want to know why you should have your tooth replaced, here are the details.

Prevents jawbone damage

A missing tooth leaves a space. This prompts the neighboring teeth to shift in an attempt to fill the vacancy. The movement of the remaining teeth will cause misalignment or crookedness. It also damages the jawbone. Shifting teeth reduces the volume and density of the bone.

The dental root is no longer there. This causes a lack of stimulation. The body stops sending nutrients to the jawbone. This weakens the bone support for the remaining teeth. The patient’s risk of developing dental disease increases.

Replacing the missing tooth will fill the empty space. This will distribute the biting and chewing force among all the teeth. The pain will disappear while eating. Pronouncing words will be easier as well.

Improves general health

At least one missing tooth can affect a person’s ability to speak and chew. Eating will not be as enjoyable as before. Missing dentition could even cause pain while chewing. This could cause poor nutrition. Picking soft foods can make eating less difficult. The change in diet will affect the person’s general health.

Teeth-replacement systems can strengthen the chewing and biting forces. These restorations can help take in the right types of foods. The patient’s indigestion could stop because of a better breakdown of food in the mouth. Better absorption of nutrients follows.

Turns back the clock for facial structures

Jawbone loss causes the facial structure to deteriorate over time. This makes the person look older. More than one missing tooth can reduce the distance between the chin and the nose. The lips tend to wear a frown. The lower part of the face will collapse. This produces an aged, sad look.

Replacing lost teeth will improve the structure of the face. It will lift the lower third of the face. A complete smile is a radiant smile. It can even result in a more youthful look. Teeth replacement can boost one’s self-image. It can also open more doors to better career opportunities.

Helps prevent complicated dental procedures later on

Failing to replace a missing tooth can cause the jawbone to deteriorate. Dental shifting will happen as well. Having dental procedures could take more time to finish once the complications of tooth loss set in. Replacing teeth may cost money. But not doing so will result in even more expensive and tedious procedures.

Prevents TMJ (temporomandibular) disorders

A missing tooth can trigger a shift in the neighboring teeth. This can lead to a change in the person’s bite. The change can result in a TMJ disorder. This will trigger pain and discomfort.

Replacing your missing tooth must happen right away to prevent complications

Tooth loss is not good for your dental health. Even one missing tooth can cause chaos. Replacing your tooth can prevent dental shifting and jaw issues. Seeing your dentist after losing a tooth can start your tooth replacement right away.

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