Too Many Teeth Whitening Options? 3 Ideal Choices

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Wondering which of the many teeth whitening options available today will work for you? Good question. The fact that there are so many options available makes it difficult to know which one will meet your particular whitening needs. You also want to be sure to choose a safe option among the many different types of ingredients used in whitening products. So, are you ready to find out a little bit more about the whitening options currently available so you can choose one that works for you? The sooner you have whiter teeth, the sooner you will feel confident showing them off!

Too many teeth whitening options

Why are there so many whitening options for teeth nowadays? Because there are so many habits that people participate in that can cause teeth to become discolored. Common habits include smoking cigarettes, drinking liquids that are known to stain (like red wine, coffee and tea), experiencing some form of dental trauma, not practicing good dental hygiene and natural aging.

Three ideal choices

The information below will make it simple for those who want whiter teeth and are looking for their whitening options. It is important for those who want whiter teeth to understand that most teeth whitening options take weeks or months to get the results they want.

1. Whitening toothpastes use chemicals to whiten the teeth and can only whiten them one or two shades. This option is a good choice for those who need minimal teeth whitening.

2. Whitening strips are small, clear strips that are placed directly on the teeth and are to be worn for a certain period time, like an hour. This option can whiten teeth two or three shades and is a good choice for minimal teeth whitening for people who have time to wear the strips.

3. In-office professional teeth whitening is recommended for those who want professional whitening results that can whiten teeth many shades. Professional whitening lasts the longest.

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Have any questions about your teeth whitening options? Just give us a call when you have a few moments. One of our caring team members will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding your dental health. If you happen to feel self-conscious about the way your teeth look because they are not as white as you would like them to be, then there is definitely a teeth whitening solution available for you. One of the safest teeth whitening options is to have an experienced dentist perform the whitening procedure. A dentist is trained and therefore knows exactly what to do when it comes to providing patients with whitening services.

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