The Pros and Cons of Dental Laminates

Dental Veneers And Dental Laminates Mountain View, CA

Dental laminates are much like dental veneers. Some people want to get laminates instead of veneers. This type of dental restoration can come in either composite material or porcelain. If you are thinking about getting dental laminates, here are some pros and cons to consider.

The pros

Dental laminates have always been a top option when it comes to improving a smile. Many benefits come with getting laminates. Placing these thin, custom-fit shells over each tooth can hide any stain or discoloration. People often resort to getting them if teeth-whitening treatments are not effective.

Dental stains from excessive fluoride and prescription medications are too stubborn and deep. Ordinary teeth-whitening procedures cannot remove the stains anymore. It may seem hopeless, but dental laminates can help. Lighter-colored laminates can cover the teeth with deep staining.

Some unexpected situations result in broken, worn, or chipped teeth. This is where laminates can be a quick solution. Laminates can hide the chipping or any type of damage. These restorations can improve one tooth or even multiple teeth.

Dental laminates can also fix uneven and misaligned teeth. These can even treat craters and bulges. Trimming off a small amount of enamel helps the thin shells to stay on the dental surfaces better. It also helps prevent overcrowding.

Laminates can also remove the gaps between teeth. These gaps can lead to dental shifting and jawbone deterioration. Placing laminates on teeth can close those small gaps. This can prevent more dental problems from occurring.

These dental restorations can match the natural color of teeth. This allows them to blend in the mouth without any problem at all. Patients can even choose the level of whiteness. The effects of dental laminates are permanent. There is no need for reshaping or adjustments anymore.

The cons

Picking laminates is a huge decision. Having these restorations on needs a lifetime commitment. The treatment is permanent. Each shell will adhere to each tooth. Repairs cannot happen if a shell chips off.

Even if the shells are porcelain, the patient must still watch the food choices. The patient cannot have crunchy or hard foods. These substances might break the shells. Once the shells crack or break off, there is no way to repair them.

There will be some tooth sensitivity to temperature. After all, the dentist needs to shave off some of the enamel layers. This can cause some degree of discomfort. Another downside is the formation of cavities. People with dental laminates can still have tooth decay underneath the shells. That is why optimal dental care is a requirement with these laminates.

Dental laminates are not for people who have weak, decaying teeth. These are not for those with periodontitis as well. People who have a thin enamel layer should not choose laminates. There will be more pain if the dentist grinds down to the dentin to attach the shells.

There are advantages and disadvantages in choosing dental laminates

Dental damage or staining can be depressing. A quick way to restore your teeth is by placing dental laminates over your affected teeth. These thin restorations need maintenance and care. Making sure your dental laminates are in good condition will need commitment as well. That way, you can maximize the advantages and avoid the downsides.

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