The 3 Main Types of Toothpaste and Which is Best for You

Types of Toothpaste

In our modern society, toothpaste has become a basic everyday necessity. All of us have grown up being taught by our parents, the importance of healthy teeth. Hence, as to why brushing twice a day has become a habit for us. Because of the constant need to brush our teeth, there are hundreds of companies that are out there to produce thousands of kinds of toothpaste.

With so many varieties and compelling advertisements from each variety, the consumers are all confused. This article will give you information regarding the basic types of toothpaste and their advantages or disadvantages. It will lay out each type to assist you in making your choice.

Most people are not aware that children’s toothpaste is in a much different category from adults but toothpaste produced for children can be milder.  This is because of the negative impact that comes from children ingesting too much fluoride. Toothpaste for children contains less fluoride, abrasive agents, and also may have an additional sweetened flavor to entice children to brush regularly.

1. Sensitivity toothpaste:

Once your enamel has been breached due to reasons such as aging or gum disease, the dentine of your tooth may become exposed. This layer is the hard part underneath the enamel composed of microscopic tubes. When enamel is damaged, the heat and cold can pass through these tubes causing sensitivity. So with this condition, this kind of toothpaste comes in handy.

Sensitivity toothpaste contains special compounds that block the nerves in your teeth from sensing heat and cold which solves the sensitivity problem. This kind of toothpaste needs 3-4 weeks of daily use in order to be effective.

2. Natural toothpaste:

Natural toothpaste is made from herbal extracts such as ginger and natural ingredients like essential oils. They are used as an alternative to the ingredients found in a typical toothpaste. It is becoming an increasingly popular option as it contains no harmful chemicals or fluoride.

Many herbalists, vegetarians and vegans prefer a natural herbal way of cleaning their teeth. Also, some people are allergic and sensitive to the chemicals in regular toothpaste. This is why they choose a much gentler herbal toothpaste. However, a major disadvantage of this type of toothpaste is the absence of fluoride, which is great for protecting enamel and strengthening your tooth.

3. Whitening toothpaste:

This kind of toothpaste is most useful for people who are experiencing yellowing of teeth due to reasons like aging, regular coffee and tea drinking, and also smoking. It is composed of a super gentle abrasive agent that gently helps scrub out the stains of your teeth. Using a whitening toothpaste can them two shades whiter and even give you a perfect smile. All teeth-whitening kinds of toothpaste are composed of cleansers and abrasives that have the function of removing or reducing the appearance of yellow stains on your teeth. 

So, next time when you visit the grocery store to get a toothpaste, don’t forget to read the label for the fluoride content in it and choose as per your requirement or the different kind mentioned above.

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