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A toothache is pain and/or inflammation inside the tooth root, near the root, or around a tooth that is usually caused by an infection or tooth decay, but many people assume this is not a dental emergency. There are varying levels of toothache. Minor instances are not a major cause for concern, but a dental visit should be scheduled if symptoms present. For more severe toothaches, it is considered a dental emergency, and prompt care is necessary.

What symptoms of a toothache indicate a dental emergency?

The symptoms of a toothache vary for every patient. Some of the more severe symptoms that may present and indicate a need for dental emergency treatment are severe tooth pain, inflamed gums, tooth sensitivity, and a tooth that is loose. A severe toothache may also lead to swollen lymph nodes and a fever as well.

Severe tooth pain

The most common symptom of a toothache is tooth pain. This typically presents as a constant, aching pain that may get worse when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures or touched. Minor tooth pain caused by a toothache can typically be managed with an over-the-counter pain reliever and consuming room temperature foods and drinks, but more severe tooth pain is typically considered a dental emergency.

Swollen gums

One of the main causes of a toothache is exposure of the tooth root. This may be the result of deep tooth decay and/or gum recession. If periodontal disease leads to gum recession that exposes the tooth root and subsequently causes a toothache, then the patient may also experience gum swelling, among other notable discomforting gum symptoms such as gum pain and sensitivity. These symptoms should be considered a dental emergency and promptly treated.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity also results when the root of a tooth is exposed, which leads to a “toothache.” Tooth sensitivity is typically worse when exposed to cold (or hot) air, food, or drinks. In severe cases, simply taking a deep breath can increase the level of tooth sensitivity. If this occurs, then it is important to seek prompt care from a dental professional.

Loose tooth

A toothache may be a dental emergency if the tooth is loose. If this is the case, then the risk of losing the tooth is a greater risk, and dental emergency services are often needed to preserve the tooth long-term, along with alleviating any initial discomfort that the toothache causes.

Swollen lymph nodes

For severe toothaches that are caused by an infection, the patient may experience swollen lymph nodes. In addition, if the infection spreads or worsens to an extent to where it affects general health, then the patient may also have a mild fever as well, which indicates a need for prompt care.

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