Reasons To Consider Composite Bonding For Your Front Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry

Uneven shape or discolored front teeth look incredibly unattractive. Not to mention, this condition can affect your confidence as well. That is where composite bonding, a cosmetic dental treatment, comes into the play. Recently, composite bonding has become quite popular. This bonding is a useful way to improve the color, shape, and overall appearance of your teeth. The bonding requires resin material that is a standard part of white fillings. This treatment is beneficial to treat minor imperfections specifically on the front teeth. You can even opt for it to hide tooth rotations and to close small gaps without affecting your teeth adversely.

Moreover, composite bonding is painless. The process requires just one session, saving you from the hassle of scheduling frequent appointments. Your dentist merely needs to choose a shade of resin that matches the color of your teeth to make it look natural. There is no question the treatment seems interesting; here are some reasons to consider it.

Composite Bonding Combats Discoloration

Various factors contribute to teeth discoloration such as coffee, red wine, and smoking. This yellow tint on your teeth indicates poor oral hygiene. It is evident that not everyone can go for expensive treatments like teeth whitening. You can get rid of discoloration with the help of composite bonding. It will bring lost whiteness of your front teeth without breaking your bank.

Composite Bonding Enhances Your Smile

Smiling with crooked front teeth brings much embracement. In most cases, it gets worse and affects your self-esteem. You can solve your problem via opting for composite bonding for your front treat. It does not only fix discoloration, but it is also a safe way to get rid of jagged front teeth. Once the treatment is complete, you will not hesitate from smiling in public.

Composite Bonding Treats Several Types of Damage

If your front teeth are affected by medications or trauma or when dentin or enamel got broken, look no further than composite bonding. You should consider the treatment when it comes to minor irregularities including a gap between two teeth or improper placing of a tooth. Dental experts suggest composite bonding depending on your condition as it is painless and effective.

Composite Bonding Offers an Immediate Solution

The treatments that improve the shape and size of your front teeth take weeks and sometimes months to deliver final results. Waiting for an extensive period with medication does not suit everyone. Composite bonding is an ultimate way to treat the problems associated with your front teeth. Moreover, this treatment does not require months of waiting. It is sculpted on your tooth then shaped and hardened via a UV or laser light in the first sitting. Besides, you will leave the dentist’s clinic with a bright smile. Moreover, there is no need to use anesthesia during composite bonding, as the process does not cause pain or discomfort.

What’s the bottom line?

Front teeth matter a lot when it comes to enhancing your personality. To treat any issues associated with your front teeth, you can opt for less time consuming and inexpensive composite bonding immediately.

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