Preventive Measures for Oral Cancer From a General Dentist

Oral Cancer Screening Mountain View, CA

Many people are more focused on preventing cavities than oral cancer. Too many people do not take the steps to avoid this issue. However, this form of cancer does not have a lot of awareness, including how to prevent it. Oral cancer, including in the tongue, cheeks, throat, or tonsils, can be caused by many things. Keep reading to find out how to prevent this dangerous form of cancer in the mouth.

The danger of oral cancer

Depending on the kind of oral cancer, the patient’s symptoms can vary. Not everyone has irritation or pain. In fact, in the early stages, the symptoms might not be noticeable at all. This is why oral cancer often does not get diagnosed until later on. But by this time, it may have already spread to the lymph nodes.

Avoid tobacco

Patients increase their risk of oral cancer by using tobacco. The more often it is used and the longer, the greater the risk of cancer. Whether it is smokeless or smoked, it can play a direct role in causing cancer. Chewing tobacco might cause leukoplakia, which can become cancer. It might also damage genes that can protect against cancer.

Being careful with alcohol

The more alcohol someone drinks, the higher the risk of oral cancer. Alcohol can change the body chemistry and prevent it from fighting cancer. Those who have several drinks a day might double their risk of developing oral cancer. It is always good to avoid drinking to excess. Binge drinking can increase the risk of having oral cancer. And smoking and drinking together can have an even worse effect on this.

Visit the dentist regularly

Dentists are often the first people who notice cancer in the mouth. This is often caught during a dental exam or oral cancer screening. Then the patient can be referred to a health care provider. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then the treatment can begin right away. The cancer can then be eliminated.

Be careful in the sun

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause lip cancer. Those who work outside are more likely to have this cancer. The lips are as sensitive to the sun as the rest of the skin is. It is a good idea to limit the exposure to the sun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Look for a lip balm that has SPF in it and apply sunscreen around the mouth. It should be reapplied after drinking or eating. Hats can offer some additional protection.

Visit your dentist to prevent oral cancer

You might have sores in your mouth that do not heal or pain that lasts for a long time. If so, visit your dentist. If you do have cancer, it is important to diagnose it as quickly as possible. The sooner it is diagnosed, the better of a survival rate the patient will have. Making an appointment with your dentist can help you get a cancer screening.

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