Popular Dental Services from a Family Friendly Dentistry Office

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Family friendly dentistry provides dental care to every member of your household. A complete health dentist can provide this type of dental care. This field of dentistry concentrates on pediatric and adult dental care. If you want to know the popular dental services available at a family friendly dentistry office, here are the details.

Restorative services

These dental services aim to improve a patient’s dental health. Family friendly dentistry can target a cosmetic concern. It can also enhance the function of the dental structure. Tooth loss is common as a person ages. Dentures are common teeth-replacement devices in families with elderly members. This removable teeth-replacement system is easy to care for, remove, and attach.

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells. This treatment can give a new smile to any household member. Patients prefer porcelain veneers. These shells repel stains. Porcelain veneers are durable enough to protect the enamel from further damage. Each shell is a permanent solution to deteriorating, stained, or damaged teeth.

Family friendly dentistry offers dental crowns as a restorative procedure. A crown is a permanent, custom-fit restoration. It goes over the exposed part of the tooth. The complete health dentist can recommend crowns for severe staining and dental damage. A dental crown can hold the tooth together. It can prevent the remaining tooth structure from breaking as well.

Cosmetic treatments are also popular in family friendly dentistry. The treatments here aim to improve the appearance of the tooth and gums. Some of them can even improve the function of the patient’s teeth. Teeth whitening and laser gum reshaping are common cosmetic restorative procedures.

Preventive care

Family friendly dentistry offers preventive care treatments and procedures. These aim to prevent teeth from experiencing serious tooth and gum problems. Oral cancer screening and periodontal disease screening are popular preventive care measures. They aim to keep the patient’s oral health intact and functioning.

Pediatric care

The dental health of the kids is a priority as well. Treatments include dental sealants, dental cleanings, and fluoride treatments. Baby teeth and adult teeth are important. Children are more vulnerable to decay and other tooth issues. These could affect the development and growth of permanent teeth.

Sedation procedures

Family friendly dentistry understands how some patients need calming before a dental procedure. It is not a secret for many patients to panic or experience anxiety during dental treatment. The complete health dentist can provide oral sedation, IV sedation, or laughing gas. The dentist can help the patient determine the right type of sedation.

A family friendly dentistry clinic can help enhance your household’s oral health

Having three generations in your home is a chance to get only one physician and dentist. Having a complete health dentist practicing family friendly dentistry is comforting. You know you can get the right treatment for you and your loved ones in one visit. Scheduling a dental appointment for your family can save time, money, and effort.

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