Lessons on Oral Hygiene Basics From a Dentist

Lessons on Oral Hygiene Basics From a Dentist from Smiles Dental Care in Mountain View, CAHaving a solid handle on good oral hygiene basics will help preserve the integrity of your teeth and mouth health for a long time to come. Steering clear of cavities, receding gums, or decay ensures that your smile is bright and beautiful for as long as possible. If you think you already have an excellent oral hygiene routine in place, consider adding additional steps to improve your habits. Learn more about the oral hygiene basics that you can incorporate into your daily routine as a vital part of your overall health and well-being.

Treat your teeth

Your teeth do a lot of hard work to keep you healthy. Teeth make it possible for you to smile brightly, chew delicious food that nourishes you, and articulate sounds and speech patterns to help communicate your wants and needs. Correctly caring for your teeth with oral hygiene basics is a necessity for your overall health, too. The National Institute on Aging reports that poor dental health can affect your heart, nerves, and other essential systems in your body. Dental care can often be very costly if left unattended. Rather than wait, schedule a preventative treatment and adopt these dental care basics in the meantime:

  • Be sure to floss between each tooth once a day
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride
  • When you brush, set a timer for at least two minutes

Guard your gums

You already know that your teeth do a serious amount of work for you. You can thank healthy gums for keeping all those essential teeth in place. Maintaining healthy gums and protecting the bones underneath the gum line will prevent many forms of irritation and infection. Guarding your gums with oral hygiene basics like routinely brushing and flossing as directed will help prevent unwanted consequences like gum disease.

Gingivitis and periodontitis, the two types of gum disease, can both be prevented. Follow these basic care tips to protect your gums:

  • Brush and floss as directed
  • Choose nutritionally balanced foods
  • Eliminate any tobacco product use
  • Limit acidity
  • Moderate alcohol
  • Rinse mouth afterward

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Even the most advanced brushers and flossers need the occasional refresher on good oral hygiene. The good news is, you can get some helpful tips when you see your dentist for scheduled preventative care twice a year. Through preventative appointments, your dentist can identify any issues before they compound. Small fillings are no big deal when compared to more extensive procedures. Early detection of decay, disease, and other dental issues will save you time and money in the long run.

To maintain the health of teeth and gums, schedule an appointment for a bi-annual preventative care visit today. Have your teeth and gums evaluated by a professional and enjoy a protective fluoride treatment. Be sure to ask the dentist for any tips on oral hygiene basics that you may be missing in your current routine.

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