Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Infection

Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Infection from Smiles Dental Care in Mountain View, CAYour third molars are your wisdom teeth. These teeth appear between 14 and 30 years old. Your mouth is not big enough to have two third molars on the upper jaw and another two on the lower jaw. This results in third molars growing in incorrect positions. Infection is a common outcome of wisdom teeth. If you want to know more about infected wisdom teeth, here are the details.

The common causes

Infection can develop in the third molars and the tissue surrounding them. Wisdom teeth can emerge only at the crown or grow at the wrong angles while still embedded in the gum tissue. Overcrowding also happens. These conditions lead to the lodging of food particles around the third molars. Plaque and tartar develop, making it vulnerable to infection. This condition is pericoronitis — the inflammation and infection of impacted wisdom teeth.

Cavities in third molars can also cause infections. These teeth are difficult to floss and brush. The lack of thorough cleaning makes third molars prone to cavities. Extraction of third molars can cause infections as well. Without proper aftercare, an infection can develop at the extraction site.

The symptoms

Patients with third molar infection complain about pain in the jaw, side of the face, or around the tooth itself. There are also difficulties in chewing and opening the mouth. Bad breath, fever, swelling in the lymph glands, and white-yellow discharge from the extraction site. Any number of these symptoms need an immediate dental appointment.

The complications

Without proper treatment, wisdom teeth infection will develop complications. Fluid-filled sacs can form near the third molars. These cysts can result from wisdom teeth infection or impaction. If they do not receive treatment, these cysts will affect the roots of the neighboring teeth. These growths may also weaken or damage the jawbone.

Severe third molar infection can make its way to the upper respiratory tract, mouth, and jaw. In some rare cases, an infection can spread to the patient’s bloodstream. This is called sepsis. If this is the case, dentists remove the infected wisdom teeth at the first sign of infection. Doing so prevents recurrent dental infections.

The treatment

Treatments for infected wisdom teeth depend on the severity and cause of the infection. The dentist will perform a deep cleansing of the area and the surrounding teeth and gums. Then, the dentist will ask the patient to gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash. Targeting the infection needs a prescription of antibiotics. This will stop the source of infection and prevent it from coming back. The dentist will recommend the extraction of the wisdom teeth to prevent future infections and damage.

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Infection in your wisdom teeth can happen if it is not tended to right away

Wisdom teeth can cause many issues. The overcrowding and incorrect growth can lead to infections and complications. You should see your dentist right away if the symptoms of third molar infection last beyond three or four days. An appointment with your dentist can deal with the wisdom teeth infection right away.

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