Does Baking Soda Help Teeth?

Most of the time when people are looking for ways to whiten their teeth, searches will frequently bring up results about the benefits of baking soda. Both for teeth whitening and keeping bacteria at bay, baking soda is beneficial for the teeth and the overall oral health. It is very beneficial for removing surface stains from drinking coffee and soda, and can greatly reduce the number of bacteria that people have in their mouth.

Are there bad effects of using baking soda on teeth?

When someone decides to use baking soda to clean their teeth it is important to not go overboard. Although it is beneficial for teeth, extended use or using it every day can wear down the enamel of teeth. It’s a great way to clean and whiten teeth, but moderation is vital.

How does baking soda whiten teeth?

Using baking soda to whiten the teeth can be beneficial. It is very useful for removing surface stains that are caused by drinking coffee and soda. Although, if the goal is to remove underlying stains that would need professional teeth whitening, baking soda is not the best choice.

Talking to the dentist would be the best choice. They can help a person understand what kind of stains the teeth have and what home remedies and professional treatments would be the best for the person's specific case.

What else can baking soda help with regarding teeth?

Baking soda can greatly help in reducing and fighting against plaque buildup. It is important to remember that a person can overdo it with baking soda. Keeping this in mind, it can be a beneficial tool if it is not used too frequently.

Brushing the teeth very lightly with some baking soda mixed with water can help in reducing surface stains, and any plaque that is building up. Baking soda is strong against bacteria and plaque, but with things that are strong and your teeth and gums, less is more.

If you keep this in mind and use it appropriately, it can be beneficial overall. It’s just vital that the baking soda not be used every day, and that the person remembers not to overbrush or let the mixture sit on the teeth for too long. Keeping this in mind, the use of the mixture can give great results and be healthy for teeth and gums.

Certain dental devices are not compatible with baking soda

It is very important to remember that baking soda can be detrimental for certain things like braces and retainers. Although it is a cleaning agent, it is strong and could eat away at the materials that these are constructed with. Check with your dentist before using baking soda because it could cause harm if you have any type of dental device either permanently or as needed in your mouth.

Contact our office today and we can help guide you in making the best decisions when it comes to using baking soda. Knowing things to avoid and how to use the solution is vital. Our dental team is always ready to help answer any questions you may have, or help guide you on alternative options other than baking soda for obtaining your goals.

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