Do You Have a Chipped Tooth? Your Mountain View Dentist Can Help

Although teeth are incredibly strong and durable, sometimes even the most cautious person can wind up with a chipped tooth. The person may have chipped it and immediately known it had occurred, or they felt a rough and jagged spot on their tooth. Either way, a chipped tooth is no problem for your dentist in Mountain View, who is ready to help fix it and get you back to normal.

One of the most important steps in fixing a chipped tooth is to visit a dentist a soon as possible to ensure there is no more chipping or fracturing that can occur. However, we are going to go over some of the ways a person can handle the situation until they can visit the dentist.

How to handle a chipped or cracked tooth

One thing that is important for people to remember is that there is no way to fix a chipped tooth at home on their own. It will take the skills and tools from a dentist to get the issue fully resolved. However, some things can be done in the meantime before seeing the dentist.

If a person is not sure if their tooth is chipped one way to find out is to bite down on something, such as a piece of bread. If there is no pain until the teeth are moved up or released with no pressure, that is a sure sign that the tooth is cracked and it is affecting the root and nerves.

The basic things to do if you believe you have a chipped tooth are the following:

  • Rinse the mouth out with warm water (be sure it is not too hot or cold)
  • Apply light pressure using some gauze for around 10 minutes, remove the gauze and see if there is any bleeding coming from the tooth
  • If the bleeding continues, use a tea bag instead until the bleeding has stopped
  • If you cannot see your dentist immediately, use dental cement that is found at most drug stores to help stop the bleeding and calm the pain

How will the dentist help with a chipped tooth?

Sometimes it is hard for a patient to know if their tooth is considered chipped or cracked. Each will be treated differently. A chipped tooth should always be treated by a dentist to ensure that no more chipping or breaking of the tooth occurs. The dentist will typically use a type of permanent dental filling to repair the chipped tooth.

The goal of the dentist will be to ensure that no more chipping occurs and that the chip does not cause the tooth to begin cracking and possibly put the tooth’s root and nerves in danger.

Are you currently dealing with a chipped tooth?

If you have more questions about how to best handle a chipped tooth, contact our office. Our staff is always ready to help answer any additional questions and help ease any stress in having to get a chipped tooth fixed.

Request an appointment here: or call Smiles Dental Care at (650) 563-1180 for an appointment in our Mountain View office.

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