Dental Checkups: Is Seeing Your Dentist Twice Per Year Necessary?

Seeing the Dentist Twice Per Year

Going to the dentist is definitely not the most exciting thing in the world, but making a habit of going twice a year will most likely ensure good oral health. While it may not seem necessary to visit the dentist twice a year, it does the give the dentist an opportunity to keep an eye out for any oral health problems, while also checking in to make sure that both the teeth and the gums look right.

Why seeing the dentist twice a year is necessary

General check ups:

Although most people follow a regular dental routine at home, there is always a chance that they miss some areas in the mouth. Having a professional, such as a dentist, do a thorough clean and inspection of the teeth and gums is important. Following through twice a year will ensure that the dentist has the chance to check on all areas in the mouth, including the ones that people can’t see with their own eyes.

Avoids problems from getting larger:

Because dentists are trained professionals, they know exactly what signs to look for when taking a peek in someone’s mouth. They will closely examine the gums, gum lining, and each tooth. Dentists will make sure that there aren’t any diseases or cavities forming.

However, if there does happen to be a present disease or cavity, then going to the dentist twice per year ensures that the dentist can treat it as they catch it. Seeing the dentist twice yearly helps eliminate problems from getting worse. Whereas, if someone only saw the dentist every other year, they may not know for many months that they have a gum disease or tooth erosion. It may eventually get really bad, and could be costly or painful.

Specialized tools:

Dentist offices are equipped with the highest quality dental care technology. They have access to professional grade equipment that only they can provide to people. Certain cleanings or treatments can only be found in a dentist office. Visiting the dentist twice per year is smart because then, they can offer the best possible care to the teeth and gums. They have tools that reach in places that most people at home cannot reach, while also being able to see every inch of every tooth. Getting treatment from the special equipment found in a dentist office is a necessary part of maintaining good oral health, whether it be fluoride treatments or getting x rays done.

Good example:

If there are children around the dentist office or around the home of the person, then showing younger people why it’s important to visit the dentist twice a year will set a great example to them. A lot of people neglect visiting the dentist as often as they should, whether it be because of time restrictions or other personal related problems. Showing others, young or old, the importance of seeing a dentist regularly will hopefully help others to do the same.

While visiting the dentist can be costly, scary, and even boring, it is an important part of maintaining proper oral hygiene. People tend to let their teeth go for months without even realizing it. Seeing a dentist at least twice a year will help keep their oral health in good condition.

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