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Wisdom Teeth Removal at Mountain View, CA

There are multiple reasons to opt for removing your wisdom teeth and the majority of dentists and orthodontists around the world recommend removing the wisdom teeth as early as possible. This can be justified because of a variety of reasons including the fact that wisdom teeth rarely show up completely. This means that only the tips of the tooth crown emerge from the jaw and the rest of the tooth remains embedded in the gums. This means that most of the tooth cannot be brushed or flossed which leads to a high risk of future infection, abscesses and the formation of cysts.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure:

The procedure begins by supplication of a local anesthesia. After this, a small incision is made in the jaw and any impending bone fragments are removed. The actual tooth is then extracted after which any infection or cysts are cleaned out. The gum is then secured with stitches.

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