If you are looking for a dentist who will be there for you not just today and tomorrow, but for all your dental needs and those of your family for years to come, Smiles Dental Care is the practice for you. Providing high-quality dental care, top-flight customer service, and compassionate dentistry for over twenty years, Smiles Dental Care is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our patients and their families.

When you come to Smiles Dental Care in Mountain View, your family becomes our family. We treat you how we would like to be treated, and you can be assured that you will receive nothing less than the best dental care we can provide.

From Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, General Dentistry and Dental Implants, we help patients of all ages to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile.

Smiles Dental Care is a full-service dental practice, combining advanced general dentistry and sophisticated cosmetic dentistry. We provide many different dental treatments including: Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers, Invisalign, Zoom Teeth Whitening, and Dental Crowns

When you come into Smiles Dental Care, you will be greeted by the same friendly faces year after year. In addition to Mountain View Dentist Dr. Bill Hall, we have many team members who have been with our practice for many years.

Manny H.

I LOVE MY DENTIST! I would have never imagined thinking this and saying it out loud, but I feel this way, and it's happened because of Smiles Dental Care. I have been there 3 times in the past year, and each time has been amazing. The office is super-well fitted. They get you in and out, paying attention to any time constraints you may have. The people are super-nice, but they don't hesitate to point out things you need to do, if you are slacking on the good dental habits department (I am not the biggest fan of flossing, for instance, and today the dental hygienist gave me an AMAZING "Biology of The Importance of Flossing" talk that I had NEVER heard in 40+ years of going to the dentist! I HIGHLY recommend them.

April, 2017

Jeremy S.

Stephanie is the best hygienist ever! Super personable and thorough - she makes it possible to not think "Ugh - it's time to go to the dentist again???" :)

April, 2017

Shanna B.

Sounds super cheesy but it's the truth: Smiles Dental gave me back my smile. I had to have an implant due to a years-ago bike accident injury. I went to another business to do the implant but they kept jerking me around and I finally asked if Smiles could finish placing my abutment and crown. Dr. Chou, Suzy and the entire front office staff have been the epitome of professional, compassionate and supportive through the entire process. Getting my implant was a 10-month-long process and due to my past dental trauma, I have massive anxiety about oral procedures (i.e. I'm a major pain in the a$$). Everyone at Smiles went out of their way to make me comfortable. And at the end of my implant process, I got celebratory hugs and even a gift card from the staff. Now I'm smiling at everyone showing off my new and improved grill! Do yourself a favor and make Smiles your dentist too!

September, 2016

Lori L.

I have been so traumatized from my last visit ( located on 100 W. El Camino in Mt. View) that I have been unable to go back. On Sept. 24, 2015 I went for a routine teeth cleaning (2nd time -same dental office) with a different hygienist named Thuy; she banged my teeth around with a camera and skipped cleaning most of my teeth. Then she insisted that I see a doctor ASAP (even told me where to go) to have a BENIGN tiny growth (size of the tip of a pencil) removed "before it gets too big". My physician acknowledged it was totally benign & common growth & I had it removed by a specialist. Short version; he messed it up, now I have permanent scars both inside and outside my mouth which is another matter.
I found out what was causing the growth, a certain brand of bottled water. If this hygienist had NOT given me her totally Unasked for MEDICAL ADVICE I would not have had to go thru this trauma which I am still experiencing.
I deserve more than constant e-mails from this dental office reminding me to get another teeth cleaning at my expense (because they returned my check for the previous teeth cleaning). I believe I should receive a lot more in terms of compensation from Dr. Bill Hall.

August, 2016

Sarah D.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this dentist office. I am a former patient who moved out of the Bay, and only wish I still had this as my dental office! I have been searching for a new dentist since I moved, and nothing compares to this place. Great office, wonderful staff, friendly, professional, and extremely good time management.

April, 2016

Christian R.

I contacted Smiles on Monday about getting my wisdom teeth pulled because my regular dental office doesn't do extractions. I talked to Rio and she got me in the very same week on Friday.
I have always had a great deal of anxiety when it comes to anything having to deal with dentists. Everyone at the office was very understanding and reassuring, making me feel very comfortable. Dr. Phan is the one who performed the procedure. He was very nice and he didn't seem rushed like you find at some places. He took the time to talk me through everything he was going to do and also made sure that I was good and numb before attempting to start.
I was in and out of the office in just under and hour. It only took him about 5 minutes to get both teeth out. The rest of the time was just preparation, waiting for me to get numb enough and then explaining after care.
Best experience I've ever had at a dental office and that is saying a lot for someone with my anxiety issues. Even though it's a little bit further of a drive, I'm seriously thinking about changing this to my regular dental office.

March, 2016

Rachel C.

Smiles contacted me after I posted my review. I spoke with Rio on the phone. She offered to refund me the $400 and told me that the receptionist has since been replaced. Before I spoke with Rio, I was convinced that I would be switching dentists but Rio seemed sincerely sorry about my negative experience and told me that she wants Smiles to provide the best customer service possible. She also told me that Smiles will be improving their communication with customers about procedures that are not covered by insurance. I decided to continue with Smiles due to their good customer service.

March, 2016

Hai-Yue H.

Super friendly staff, really gentle cleanings, and great equipment! I've been to many dentists and Smiles Dental far exceeds anyone else I've been to my entire life.

February, 2016

Sarah D.

Went to my first apointment today for a 6 month cleaning. I was impressed by the quality of care and felt that the hygienist and the dentist were thorough and did a good job explaining what they were doing, what they were looking for, and gave fair feedback on the health of my teeth, my mouth, and my gums. Not underreacting, not overreacting. I learned more about how they make their assessments in this one appointment than in the last 10 years of bi-yearly cleanings. They were on schedule and confirmed coverage with my new insurance before I got there. From start to finish this was just what i was looking for. Five stars.

January, 2017

Haiguang L.

Nice staff here.

January, 2017

Ryan L.

I scheduled an appointment but I did not stay after I noticed the paper work had no place for me to explain in writing why I was coming to the office and the nurse was trying to influence me to say I had pain with my old philling that had come loose when I didn't have pain.. The paper work didn't even show an address or the doctor's names..

April, 2016

Rohit B.

Very professional, find them a bit pricy

March, 2016

David W.

Thuy and Stephanie are wonderful hygienists, and Dr. Chen has been a great dentist. I typically visit for routine cleanings without any problems, and have always received great advice when necessary. I also had the misfortune of requiring crowns on both front teeth; Smiles fixed me right up.

October, 2015

Andrew V.

You really get great care at Smiles. Dr. Chen is the best, and makes you feel at ease.

September, 2015

Stewart F.

Outstanding customer service. Everyone at Smiles Dental Care is professional and possitive. The dental care is first class all the way. I definately recommend them for all your dental needs.

June, 2015

Matthew D.

I was looking for a new dentist after moving to the area. I decided to call Smiles Dental Care, and they were able to schedule an appointment for me the same week. The facilities were nice and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

October, 2013

Sarah G.

I always get my cleanings done here. During my last cleaning appointment, they took X-rays and discovered poorly-done crowns that I'd had done years ago, causing cavities. I feel very confident about my new crowns! More importantly, I get nervous during dental procedures but everyone was very friendly and explained exactly what was going on, which made things a lot easier for me.

March, 2013

Russ L.

Always friendly and efficient. My teeth are healthy thanks to these guys!

December, 2011

Java C.

This is the best dental office I have ever been to. I have visited quite a few in the past, but definitely none like Smiles Dental Care.
From the cheerful greeting of the receptionist's, (by Nicole), to the welcoming conversation with the dental assistant, (that is Yesi), I was thrilled by this visit already.
Dr. Chan thoroughly examined my mouth for cavities, gum diseases, etc. After a quick and detailed check, I knew right away, she's good!. A+ so far!
Then I had my teeth cleaned by the dental hygienist, (her name is Michelle), who was super friendly and easy-going. She is good too.
Overall, I had an outstanding experience. I could not ask for a better visit. If you want to feel like a millionaire, meet your dentist here.
Great A+mosphere!

November, 2015

Eileen R.

Smiles Dental gave me the most thorough cleaning and checkup I'd ever had. The dentists and staff are very welcoming and personable. I had had a really bad experience at another dentist's office. I was so pleased to find Smiles Dental is HONEST. They didn't tell me I needed a bunch of bogus treatment. I can't come up with one negative thing to say. All the good reviews are true.

October, 2015

Mariya M.

Everyone here is friendly, professional and thorough. Dr. Chan is so affable and very patient with my questions and gives great advice.
It is fairly easy to set up appointments at this place and most importantly they didn't try to push Invisalign after my first visit.

October, 2015

Kristina O.

I am a new patient at Smiles Dental and have had two cleanings and a filling replacement with the team. I am happy with the dental care. Dr. Chan is friendly, competent and fast! My new filling is beautiful and feels great!

October, 2015

Kathy S.

Unfortunately, Dr. Peri Eilers has moved out of the country years ago but Dr. Chan has successfully performed a root canal as well as a cap and filling on me and everything went well :) She is extremely knowledgeable and know that you're in good hands with her.
One minor negative is that I needed my filling to be slightly sanded down (had to come back in for this for a free follow up visit) as I had some minor jaw discomfort although that is probably a subjective thing.
To end my review on a positive note, I love how dr. Chan remembers the details of my past visits even if I haven't been there for months. She seems to have an excellent memory and attention to detail!

February, 2015

Laura S.

Smiles Dental is a really great place to have your dental problems solved. The team delivers such care and professionalism, and they always treat everyone with a cheerful demeanor and kindness. Dr Tiffany Chan is wonderful and very good. I have received both simple and complex care from her (an implant) and all were very successful and painless. It is a pleasure to be treated by her, as it is by all other doctors and dental hygienists at the facility. I appreciate their appointment notification system as well. Very useful. When I go there, I relax from work stress, that is how good it is. Thank you Smiles Dental.

October, 2014

Mitsuyo C.

When you walk into Smiles Dental you get greeted promptly and warmly. Like all the other reviews, they listen to your needs and make sure they're through with making sure you cognizant of your potential dental problems. They are extremely gentle with their approach when cleaning. My only problem is I actually got a salesmen vibe when I visited and they're trying to maximize how much they can bill my dental plan. They forced me get to get X-Rays that I already had from my previous doctor and told me that they can't guarantee my other dentist did a "good job". I recently received the bill for it because my insurance doesn't cover a second set of X-Rays within one year. Then they ask if I was interested in a procedure that my other dentists never ever mentioned I needed. They told me if I was interested I can book a consultation and that my dental plan has a $2000 maximum. They also made sure I booked months out for another cleaning appointment. My tip is if you plan to visit this dental practice, make sure you call your dental plan and go in knowing what you're covered with before they start charging you for your visit.
Pros: -Polite and courteous staff -Very through with explanations -Gentle during cleaning
Cons -Salesman approach to healthcare -Didn't check health coverage before procedures -Degrading other doctor's performance before doing their research

November, 2014

Scott S.

August, 2014

Ashlee M.

Staff is always friendly and professional. They always do a great job on all my dental work. I have referred friends and family here. Thanks Smiles Dental for keeping my smile sparkly white! :o)

July, 2012

Brian N.

I really liked my whole experience at Smiles. The staff was really nice and Dr. Hall was a true professional. He was great to have as a dentist because he really explains what he is doing and shows you pictures with a digital camera so you can see why you need stuff done. Also, the X-rays are digital so you can also see them immediately. They also have TV's on the ceiling so you have something to look at when you are laying back. Also, Dr. Hall takes the time to make sure everything is perfect as he works on your teeth.
I think they gave me 10% off because I don't have dental insurance as well, which was nice. I would recommend Smiles to anyone.

July, 2012

Ally K.

Best hygienist I've ever been too. She was awesome. I had put off the visit for way too long (2 years - I know but I hate visiting the hygienists) and she was brilliant. Not once was I in any pain or even uncomfortable.
I am actually looking forward to my next visit in 6 months... how did that happen!

April, 2012

R B.

Smiles Dental is amazing. I recently (7 months ago) moved up to the Bay Area, Mountain View, from Los Angeles and I needed to have my 6 month cleaning. I was worried about finding a good dentist up here because I don't have dental insurance through my employer and I have had some 'not so good' experiences in the past.
I was impressed instantly, starting with my first call to inquire about their services and rates. Allison was so friendly and answered every question I had, while not being pushy about scheduling an appointment. She quoted me for $115 for a cleaning which would include free X-rays and a complimentary check-in with a dentist followed by the cleaning. I scheduled my appointment with Allison- but you can also do it online through their website- an amazing perk.
I went in on my scheduled appointment day and was extremely satisfied. No I do not work for Smiles, I am just thrilled I found such a great dentist- and so close by to my home! Allison greeted me with a smile, had me complete a brief questionnaire and then I went straight back. This is almost unheard of. All of my other dentists I would plan on a 30-60 minute wait- the dentist went over, oh the staff is stuck in traffic, sorry for the delay... not at Smiles. I got a tour of the facility so I was comfortable, met some of the dentists and hygienists and sat back for my X-rays and consultation. The office is super clean and airy, not claustrophobic at all.
Then I had my cleaning and it was great. It was very thorough, lasting about 30 minutes. They use the high speed vibrating water laser instead of the scrapping metal pick which I prefer. The hygienist was great and friendly. Another great perk is the tvs that are mounted above the chairs so while I had my teeth cleaned I could watch a movie!!!
After I was done, I scheduled my next appointment in the chair on the computer with an automated reminder. Then I was given a free gift of a mug, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and a magnet with Smiles' contact info.
Over all and amazing dental experience. Oh, and I also want to mention, I just received a letter from Smiles (about 3 weeks later) with a thank you note and a gift card to Jamba Juice! This dental office knows how to take care of its clients and is a great company!!! Amazing service, nice staff, quality professional work and overall great. I would highly recommend!!! :)

March, 2012

Sherry M.

the one that cleaned my teeth was sloppy. water was getting into my eyes. but will still come because i like the place. looks clean.

March, 2012

Jessica W.

More than a decade with these guys and I am still always 100% satisfied with their level of quality service. They text your appt reminders, check your insurance coverages before your appt, and greet you with a smile!
I had my routine cleaning the other day and during the X-rays they found a crack in one of my fillings. With my high tolerance for pain I hadn't even thought I had an issue like that! Glad we caught it early!
Last time I cracked anything it was my tooth (back in 2003) and I hadn't gone in to check it out after hearing that loud crack in my mouth when eating popcorn. After 2 weeks of ignoring that noise my whole jaw was inflamed and 1 visit to Smiles they told me I had cracked my tooth all the way down to the root. Yikes.
Anyway... regarding THE CRACK OF 2011:This latest crack (yes, Im a grinder who doesnt often wear the guard they made me) has left me with much less damage. I will just be going in Thursday for a replacement filling. No problem! I know that I will be in and out in about and hour and I already know how much my out of pocket cost will be. I love Smiles and I have received MANY "Thank you for the referral!" Starbucks gift cards to prove it!
So get on in there & enjoy one fo the most tech savvy dental offices you'll come across.
They are fantastic!

October, 2011

Harper B.

Since its been 3 years, I figure I should provide an update. I'm still using Dr. Hall as my dentist and am very happy with his work, as well as the work of his staff. I've recommended quite a few people to Dr. Hall over the past 3 years, and all of them have been happy with his work.
The whole office is professional, timely, friendly, and provides top notch service. What more can you ask for?

September, 2011

Tanya A.

Amazing.. it's like going to a spa! Gentle, friendly people, my teeth look better than they have in years and we're just starting! Reasonable rates, plus they've looked after my husband beautifully, he looks a million times better and I hope to soon also. You just know they're competent, and I hope they stay around forever - finding a good dentist is so hard to do. Now Ihave, I'm not going anywhere else.

August, 2011

Doug D.

I'm a fan of this office. It's nice, very clean, and modern. The staff is friendly, and the doctor explains exactly everything he's doing to you. I looked at the claims on my insurance, and found that the charges from Smiles Dental is easily 50% less than another dentist in Mountain View, whom I will not mention.

June, 2011

Sam S.

When I moved to California from MIchigan I was on the hunt for a good dentist. This place really is the best Dentist office I have ever been to. The staff is some of the most genuinely nice people, but they really do care about your health. The work they do is top notch, and there was a few months I was in between jobs so I had no insurance, and they gave me a discount on my teeth cleaning. They have done multiple cleanings, and some fillings and always deliver great care. There is even flat screen TV's mounted above you horizontally so you can watch a movie as they work on your mouth. Love this place!

May, 2011

Anya C.

I've been a patient of Smiles Dental Care for over a year now, and I can say without any hesitation that this is the best dental clinic I've ever been to, and even more importantly, Dr. Hall is the best dentist of all I've been a patient of.
Everything is great about Smiles Dental: everybody on staff - doctors, technicians, medical assistants, receptionists - are excellent, competent, attentive professionals, the clinic itself is taken care of exceptionally well, the equipment is modern and the use of technology is impressive even for a Silicon Valley, and the level of customer service is exceptionally high.
I'm very thankful to those Yelpers whose reviews convinced me to go to Dr. Hall at Smiles Dental, and I hope that my review will help others find the dentist they've been looking for.

July, 2010

Stephen G.

I will say it straight and to the point. The office is clean and updated. I strongly recommend asking only for Angie the hygienist to clean your teeth. She's very thorough, fast and painless. I felt she did a great job teaching me the right way to do things rather than being scolded and told to floss more as I have been told in the past. Dr Zubro is also great, painless and understanding of my needs and concerns! The staff is always friendly and nice. I give it 5 stars.

June, 2010


Let me start by saying I hate going to the dentist but the hygienists and staff at Smiles really make the whole experience very pleasant. On top of this Dr. Hall is an amazing dentist. I recently had a crown put in and everything was on time and went exactly as planned. I couldnt be happier.

June, 2010

Maria C.

I hate dentists and always have, however Smiles Dental changed that for me. I now take the initiative to schedule appointments. Who does that?
I chose Smiles amongst many referrals because of their location. My previous dentist was in San Jose where I reside, but it was a hassle to drive back and forth during the week from Palo Alto where I worked. With Smiles, I was able to schedule early morning, lunch hour, or after work hour appointments and my commute was a mere 10 minutes.
The staff here is great and provide stellar service. Their hygienist, Smurthi, is light on her hands, yet gets down to the nitty gritty. Dr. Hall and his DA are an awesome duo. You can lay back and enjoy the DVD they have on, however it would be nice if they changed it from time to time (it's been March Of The Penguins since my first visit). Their finance lady and the front desk are easy to work with. If you use FSA like I do, they sit you down and schedule everything for you and work with your FSA allowance so you know how much you're paying out of pocket each visit.
What's more, they are very accommodating with scheduling. Scheduling was my frist priority while I shopped around for a new dentist. Smiles makes thing so easy. Going to the dentist is already dreadful as it is, you don't need an extra pain in the mouth.
FINAL ANSWER: Recommend this place. I'll be here for the long-term. All smiles =)

April, 2010

Pimple W.

I hate going to the dentist as much as the next person, but my experience at Smiles has been excellent. My previous dentist told me I had serious gum problems and that my wisdom teeth were partially impacted, and wanted me to go in for surgery. When they discovered it wasn't covered by my sh**** insurance they changed their diagnosis to mild gum disease and prescribed deep cleaning instead, which was one of the few things that was covered. The whole thing still ended up costing me $300.
The dentists at Smiles were very professional and didn't try to put me through any unneccesary treatments just so they could collect the insurance money. The staff are very careful and gentle - they did a much more thorough job than my previous dentist but the bill came out to a third of what I paid for the same procedures before. Everyone working there is very friendly and helpful too.
I can't recommend them highly enough!

February, 2010

M C.

Dr. Hall and his staff were AWESOME. I'm very sensitive to pain, and have required 5-8 shots of lidocaine in one spot, just to get numb enough for a level 3 filling. They gave me Septocaine, which was vastly more effective (no pain in one shot). I have shallow roots and recessive gums, along with very crowded teeth, and require copious anesthetizing in specific areas. Very thorough, explanatory, and understanding, I was shocked at how I no longer felt the need to avoid the dentist. I had 3 fillings (two amalgams replaced, one new), a cleaning, and walked out much faster and pain-free than I've ever felt in my life. I have been to 6 dentists, and Dr. Hall was the most positive experience I have had. I didn't need anything else but painless, effective, and efficient dental care, and I'm very happy to now be cavity-free and fearless!

February, 2010

Tuan H.

Coming from a person that hates and avoids the dentist, I can't really imagine a much better experience at the dentist than at Smiles Dental. I have been here 3 times now, all over a short 3 month span.
My girlfriend found this gem since she had to make an emergency appointment as I had cracked a tooth eating some of her Trader Joe's Trail Mix (probably so organic there's still rocks in it...). We resorted to Yelp as I needed to find a local dentist. Smiles Dental was able to take me the same day I called in. The receptionist and assistant I spoke to over the phone were both very friendly and courteous.
I dealt with Dr. Hall, whom I'm sure could easily find work as a kindergarten teacher if the dentist thing doesn't work out - he was extremely gentle but also knowledgeable and eloquent enough to detail out exactly what he was doing as he was sticking an armory of sharp metal objects in my mouth. I ended up needing a crown on the tooth and came back the next day as the rest of Dr. Hall's day was booked.
The crown procedure was pretty straight-forward. To be honest, I was a little terrified at how it might go being I've never had one before. Luckily, Dr. Hall walked me through the procedure, and it went without a hitch. Smiles Dental was able to make the crown in 15 minutes after taking digital xrays of my tooth - pretty cool, high-tech stuff. I was out the door after one and a half hours and ready to tackle more trail mix shortly after I regained movement and feeling to my right cheek.
Overall, my experiences here have been the best I've had at a dentist. The entire staff is very friendly, and I can't give higher praise to the quality of work they do. They took my Metlife Dental insurance which certainly helps as well. I'd highly recommend them to anyone!

January, 2010

Ede S.

I've been avoiding the dentist since I was a wee little kid. The only reason I went was because my mom did a great job of forcing me to go and scaring me by saying all my teeth will fall out if I don't get my bi-yearly washing. Before I stepped foot into Smiles Dental, I've done a mighty good job of avoiding the dentist for a few years. But after a while, I was just thinking... shoot, I'm paying for dental insurance, I might as well take advantage of it. I decided to turn a new leaf and start my dentist search, only criteria were: 1) around my soon to be near home, Mountain View and 2) great Yelp reviews. I believe I hit the jackpot with Smiles Dental. What originally caught my attention was the free teeth whitening kit that came with a first time patient's visit (SCORE!). Anyway, after reading the Yelp reviews and knowing there were freebies, I decided to give this place a try. The receptionist was extremely friendly and they even have text reminders (if you want it) to tell you you have an appointment today. When I walked in, there were granola bars stacked nicely with bottled water (can you actually take one on the way out?). It was nice - plus the magazines were new and interesting too!
Thuy was the one who washed my teeth, and unlike my past dental experiences, she explained everything that she was doing and kept telling me how much she loved working here. She talked about how everything is brand new and how they're always on top of things with the state of the art technology. Since it's been a few years for me, I was amazed that when they clean your teeth, there's a TV you can watch so you won't focus on the cleaning. Watching Planet Earth while your teeth are being cleaned sure helps kill time. When I walked out, I got the usual goodies, but in a cooler way. I got a Smiles Dental mug (which is still sitting in my trunk cause I have no idea what to do with it still), brochures, your typical floss, toothpaste and toothbrush, and yeah. Oh, and they also gave me mouthwash before I left so I didn't reak of that nasty washing residue afterward. For once in my dental life, I walked out a happy camper.
Oh, and to thank you for coming, they mail you a thank you card and also include a $5 Starbucks gift card! Yup, that definitely won me over and made me decide that this is a 5-star establishment.

October, 2009

Nicole L.

The regular service from smile dental is fine. At lease for regular cleaning service it is done well.
Other than that, once you have them to do more complicated dental work and dealing with insurance, you have to be very careful. They usually give you low estimate the first time you are there, but you could end up paying much more than you expected. that's what happened to me, estimate of a tooth work of less than $300, then end up paying $1300. and still need to spend more if complete work is done on that tooth. They asked me to pay copay more than I should, so they got 1200 from my insurance and still ask me to pay $400 at the counter. Glad I found that out later from my insurance and disputed the charge. But I can't trust them any more and stopped going there.

August, 2009

Sherrie T.

The staff is very nice, friendly, and helpful. They did a thorough job cleaning my teeth, and explained everything about the technology and procedures they were using. This is the first dentist I have seen since my old dentist retired. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a reliable, clean, and comfortable dental experience!

August, 2009

Andrea T.

Just to reiterate, Dr. Hall is a great dentist and I like the work that he's done. The items below were all resolved promptly, shortly, after this was written. Thank you Deena.

August, 2009

Jeff S.

This dental office has been great with me. Dr Hall found a defective crown that was installed by another dental office, and informed me on how to get a refund. And the staff at the front desk were very helpfull with phone numbers and information I would need to sound educated on the subject, and how to file complaints with local associations, if need be. Very cool. ( I did get a refund ! )
The dental hygenists are also very nice. and seem well educated. I recommend this office to all my co-workers. they explain what there doing, so I feel like it all makes sense, and I'm learning something. They play the most awsome music too. Anyways its obvious why they got voted best dentist by mnt view residents, and san jose magazine.

April, 2009

Sabrina T.

I came to Dr. Hall after having a bad experience at my last dentist who tried to crown 4 of my teeth. I went to their website and had a free consultation to get a 2nd opinion. Dr. Hall's office has technology to make onlays in the office which was great.. no walking around with a fake cap to fall off while waiting for the crown to be made!.
Dr. Hall and Dr. Eilers and their staff have been great ever since.
We don't even live in Mountain View anymore but still come to this office because it is So hard to find an honest dentist office. Never a problem with unexpected bills or billing.

November, 2011

Sumit S.

I had a very good experience at Smiles. I was much due for an regular visit, cleaning and x-ray. I called them up. The lady at the phone was very helpful. She set me up for an appointment next week. She took my insurance details and told me upfront if it would cost me anything.
My visit was pleasant and took less than an hour. In the end they gave me a mug with tooth cleaning stuff. I didn't get a exam done because the doctor was busy that day. I came again another day to get the exam done. 30 mins and I was done. They didn't try to sell me anything.
The best part happened yesterday, when I received a personally signed welcome card along with a Starbucks gift card. I couldn't believe it.
Overall I am glad I found this dentist. I would recommend them to anyone.

April, 2011

Kellie H.

I have mixed feelings about Smiles, I went to Dr Eilers and she is absolutely great! My main problem was the non-dental staff. First off their hours are not meant for people who work 8-5 considering that's the only time that they are open so it was very inconvenient. Originally they were open until 6pm which was fine then they cut their hours. Once they told me about the hours changing I said I might switch and the receptionist didn't seem to care, they really don't try and keep their patients and are pretty rude. Another issue was the high prices and they really don't give you much of a discount once your insurance is used up. I felt like they ripped me off pretty bad considering the dentist I go to now is close to half of the price. The only reason why I'm even giving 3 stars is because of Dr Eilers. If you end up going here, ask for her. She does a wonderful job and is very friendly. I will miss her but not the rude staff.

April, 2011

Daniel G.

April, 2017

Behnam B.

The doctors here are alright, but the staff don't seem to know what they are doing. They told me my insurance is maxed out and they advised me to get a new insurance which I did in couple of weeks. Then I called back to them and they said the second insurance will not cover anything because my other insurance will restart in couple of days!

March, 2017

Nevell H.

Smiles Dental is amazing. The staff is always incredibly friendly, facilities are nice, appointments begin on time, and I receive insightful information about the current state of my teeth. They never forget to schedule your follow-up appointment, and the email reminders are an awesome touch in case you forget that one is upcoming. Highly recommended.

February, 2017

Rob J.

The good - Clean facility. Parking is hit and miss. Staff is friendly and polite. You get to watch a movie while getting your teeth cleaned.
The bad (after you meet with the dentist, ours was Janice?) - kept talking at me, telling me about south East Asians and their dental issues, then asking me if that made sense (found that tone to be a bit condensing, she wasn't explaining rocket fuel mixtures). There is this notion of "preventative dental" so if they see a trace of a cavity, they are going to recommend drilling it out and filling it. I've never been to dental school, but I don't agree with it and after the second year of listening to Janice? Telling me "take an X-ray to 12 dentists and you will have 12 different recommendations (followed by more south East Asian facts) " - I changed dentists.

November, 2016

Kristen W.

Everyone here is incredible. Like many, I'm not a huge fan of dentists, so I sent my husband in for a cleaning and check-up before I tried it out. Dr. Chu is very easy-going and gentle when it comes to cleaning through getting bigger procedures done. She only does the work that she really believes you need and doesn't push for unnecessary procedures. Both my husband and I will be back here for all our dental needs!!

November, 2016

Lucy V.

My husband and I recently moved to mountain view and were looking for a dentist, after reading all the good reviews I decided to go to smiles dental.
The staff is super friendly, the dental hygienist was amazing..my cleaning went really well and felt great! The dentist was very knowledgable and direct, she explained all her concerns and I never felt pushed for anything unnecessary.

May, 2016

Brenda A.

I was having severe pain on one side of my mouth and they got me in within the hour! Everyone was so friendly and they had me in and out - fully treated - before lunchtime. My husband was waiting for me in the waiting room and they even brought him in for a cleaning while he waited, and he didn't have an appointment at all! Fantastic dental practice and by far the best one I've ever been to. If you wake up in the night with dental pain and need help, call them right away!

April, 2016

Tyler B.

I've never been so impressed with dental care as I have with "Smiles Dental Care". They are customer centered, and detail oriented. Nice touch with the TV's on the ceiling to watch "Animal Planet" during a cleaning.

March, 2016

Anita S.

Okay seriously-AMAZING. I came here because it was close to my work but it's really a lifetime dentist of mine now, honest staff (no overcharging walked through my insurance with me to teach me what I need to know so sweet) then Stephanie cleaned my teeth and I've never walked out of a dentist feeling so clean in my mouth. Great staff and what's really good is when you lay down there is a TV above your head that you can watch, playing movies while you get your procedure done, HOW COOL IS THAT. Also gave me sweet gifts. Love love love.


Mi V.

Back from my 6 months check up and cleaning! Still A+++ from start to finish. I love how Nicole has such a friendly and welcoming demeanor every time I walk into the door.
I saw both Dr. Chan & Dr. Chou most recently for some fillings (one did my lower right and the other did my lower left molar). They are both so good and professional that if they told me to pull out all of my teeth, I would totally listen to them with no questions asked!!!! That is how much I trust them !! shout out to their assistants Cindy & Susy for making my appointment so entertaining !!

February, 2016

Ashley R.

Smiles Dental Care has extraordinary customer service and the staff go above and beyond for their patients. If only more businesses valued their clients as much as Smiles.
My husband went in for the new patient special and also had a great experience with all the staff. We are self pay and I noticed that they hadn't taken off the 10% self pay discount for his filling, but they graciously and promptly resolved the issue.
For other self pay customers, note that we learned that if you pay before the day of your appointment you can get another 5% discount. The staff graciously gave us this discount, and we will keep it in mind for our future appointments. We will be back!

August, 2015

Jamie L.

I only went here a couple of times before moving out of the area but this is truly a great dental office. EVERYONE is SO nice there! They sounded legitimately sad that I had to choose a new dentist closer to where I live. I will miss going to Smiles. Great dental hygienists, dentists and office workers. If you live in the area, use them! They also give out referral gifts so share the message.

July, 2015

Kamlpreet B.

Dr Hall and Dr Chan are very honest about what work needs to be done. I had to see another dentist for a while when I moved. That dentist wanted to do all kinds of work. I moved back and came in to see Dr. Hall for a check up, and he didn't recommend doing any of it. They only do what is really necessary. I had a similar experience with Dr. Chan, who I'm currently seeing at the office.
The whole office staff is really amazing. All of the techs and front office are extremely warm and treat you with respect. I've never had a bad experience with this office in all the years I've been coming to them for my dental work.
At the end of the day, this is hands down the best dentist office I've ever been. Thanks to them for all the great care over the years. Kam Basi

May, 2015

Karen L.

Online scheduling. Very responsive, I got a call the next day. I decided not to go with them only because they were too far, but they came highly recommended to me from a friend.

April, 2015

Rob F.

I have been going to Smiles for years and this is the best Dentist and support staff if your looking. I will not let anybody else touch my teeth. Dr. Hall and his staff explain every detail of your visit and what procedure involved if any. This makes me feel 100% confident and educates me on the process. Let's be real, nobody really likes to go to the dentist but I do look forward to mine! Special thanks to all

August, 2014

Daniel T.

I had a crown and 3 veneers installed. Dr. Hall did an excellent job. The staff at Smiles Dental Care are friendly, courteous and professional. I highly recommend their services. I will use them for all my dental needs from now on.

June, 2014

Michèle S.

I came here for my dental appointment last year. To be honest, I hate going to the dentist and I am scared. The people at Smiles Dental made my visit much more enjoyable than I expected. I had two follow up appointments and when they realized they could do all in the second session, they did so and canceled my third visit. Very efficient.

May, 2014

Sandrine A.

If you are scared of dentist and need a great teeth cleaning, don't look any farther, you are at the right place. Angie is awesome!!! She does a wonderful job. She is the best hygienist ever!!! I've known Angie for many years. She was sour hygienist back when we lived in Connecticut. I knew she was on the West coast so when we moved to Palo Alto, I knew who to contact. That says a lot about how much we trust Angie. She is the only one I feel comfortable with. I'm very sensitive and I seriously don't feel a thing when she cleans my teeth. My husband also loves to go get his teeth cleaned.
I also see Dr Sharma. She is very sweet. She knows I'm super anxious. I've had a bad experience before with a crown. My previous dentist shaved it too much and it's killing me. She had a very good approach. She really tried to save it and did a great job. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to fix it so she referred me to her colleague so I could get a root canal.
They are so not pushy like some other practices trying to convince me to get a great smile by putting veneers, I really like that.
Overall, everyone at the practice is nice. Front desk ladies are very nice, I also never have to wait to see dr Sharma or Angie.

May, 2014

David C.

Great service! Staff is very friendly. Dr. Hall make you feel very comfortable and explained what he was doing through the whole procedure.

May, 2014

Kyman J.

It's rare for anyone to actually say they like going to the dentist. But, in the case of Smiles it's true. The staff is always friendly and make the entire experience enjoyable. How many times have you reclined in a dentist chair to aimlessly stare at the ceiling as you're enduring a procedure? Well, that doesn't happen here as you get to watch a well placed flat screen TV directly above you. It's not playing Star Wars or anything but it's something. The waiting room has free bottle water and granola bars. Save it for after your cleaning so you don't make it harder on Thuy who's one of their awesome hygienist. Dr. Hall is a great dentist as well. He talks through every step of the way so you're not left wondering what's happening in your own mouth! You're sent on your way with a care package after every visit. Sadly, since moving to Sacramento I don't get to call Smiles my dentist anymore.

May, 2014

Teri A.

I have had two appointments, and in both cases, found all of staff to be both friendly and professional. They don't want you to be in pain during procedures!
I would recommend them to anyone who is afraid of going to the dentist. Although my insurance wouldn't cover it, if you are anxious, I think $75 out-of-pocket (if you can afford it) is totally worth it.

April, 2014

Lilac Y.

This review comes from a person who absolutely dreads going to the dentist. I have been to 3 other dentists in the area, and I have to say that this office is by the far the best of the best. This practice really takes care of the little details, from giving you a snack and water when you come in to make you comfortable, to sending you a thank you card for making a referral. But of course my experience is more than those extras. I recently went to two dentists who both told me I need relatively major work done on one of my back teeth. Because I hate getting dental work done, I procrastinated on this and never followed though. Then, I decided to try Smiles Dental Care for a cleaning and exam because the practice is located steps away from my home. To my surprise, not only were they super over-the-top professional, but upon their examination, they found that I did not need any work done on my back tooth. Now you would think that a place like Smiles Dental Care, which seems to have fancy marketing and advertising and those extras that cost $ to be the one player eager to recommend services in order to make extra $ from patients. But, ironically, this is the one dental practice that actually said that I didn't need any work done. Really, Smiles Dental Care is the best. I told my husband to go and he did. He also was really impressed.

October, 2013

Chuck T.

Dr Hall is a fantastic Dentist. In fact, I cannot figure out what he can do better! He does not work on children, and I don't know why. But he is so great in how he does his work. He slowly injects you since this is less painful than doing this quickly. He has every new gadget ever made for dentistry. I even had my second set of braces put on (Invisalign model)! I would not even consider going anywhere else. And finally, his office personnel is almost as nice too. He is as pain free as possible.

September, 2013

Ted D.

Office was nice to visit. The receptionist was nice and helpful. Even offered refreshments. Bu it was the quality of service, state of the art equipment and the way I was treated was top notch! Very professional and friendly doctors! They know their stuff! I know where i'm maxing out my dental coverage!

July, 2013

stephen L.

Looking for a great Dentist? ---Seek no more. For years, I used to brush my teeth with my car keys and rinse my mouth with gasoline. I had terrible teeth and offensive breathe. I couldn't figure out why no one wanted to date me. Since my visit to Smiles Dental, the dentists here pulled out the big guns and turned my grenade grill, into a masterpiece the likes of which could only be described as "Sculpted by God himself". Nowadays, there are so many women trying to get close to me, that I have to carry a big wooden stick to beat them all off of me with. Sheesh! I've since then also had to stop using Ax body spray for fear of becoming Too attractive. I love these dentists and wouldn't go anywhere else. Dentist power!

June, 2013


This is the only dental clinic that I go to because this place is great!
All the staff are super friendly and warm. They make you feel like home. They are really warm and they care about their patients. My name is hard to pronounce and hard to remember but the staff there remember my name!!
The billing is also straightforward, they'll make everything clear to you before doing any operations on you.

May, 2013

Rich Y.

Best dentist I have been to. They walk through on every tooth every step in the procedure. Recommend this dentistry to everyone I know. You will not find a better dentist.

May, 2013

Cheri S.

I am one of those complete stressballs when it comes to going to the dentist. All the people I have interacted with so far have been amazing at Smiles Dental. Alison, the office manager, is extremely friendly and helpful. Angie, who does my cleanings, is an expert at what she does. I have extreme gum sensitivity and am probably as difficult as it gets when it comes to performing cleanings. Angie is very particular about making it as quick and painless as possible. Dr. Zubrow is one of the best dentists I've ever had. She talks you through everything she's doing and has gone above and beyond when it comes to addressing my concerns and trying to reduce my anxiety. Danielle, the assistant, is another incredible part of their staff - so friendly, so professional, so good at what she does!
I still dread going to the dentist, but at least I know I am working with the best people out there, and I know they are going to do everything in their power to ease my anxiety and provide excellent care.

April, 2013

T S.

Office is clean and modern wonderful! However I was completely turned off by that mannerism of Dr Hall's assistant Tiffany. I was totally taken back with the way she spoke to her co-works extremely rude! To be so abrupt and unprofessional to myself I am appalled. I will not be returning!

April, 2013

John R.

As someone who fears going to the dentist I was not looking forward to my trip. I waited about 1 minute and then they began taking care of my stuff. Very efficient, a dental station for everything, so they can handle everything quickly. Nice change from my last dentist where they would be moving junk around and you felt like you were walking around death traps constantly.
Got three trips worth of things done in one shot and everyone was friendly and considerate. This place doesn't waste your time and does great work. Also is very modern looking and clean. Office people were great and the Dr. took the time to show me what he was doing so I was at ease with everything. I have found my new dentist!

March, 2013

Ignacio R.

Here is a copy of the "new manager's" attempt at service recovery. Since I did not remove my review, the new manager took it upon herself to bring up another review. I've worked in the healthcare field for over 13 years, I know when I am recieving subpar service as well as dealing with incompetency, as I experieced with Smiles Dental.

March, 2013

Allen A.

Fantastic dental care and great employees. Going to the dentist is never much fun but Smiles was a great experience. Dr. Zubrow and her assistant are fantastic. Make sure you ask for them.

February, 2013

David W.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Dr. Fayyad and Danielle have been a godsend. Long story short, I fractured one front tooth and chipped the other in a basketball incident. Dr. Fayyad's number was listed in the office's voicemail so I called him directly and left a message. He called me back the next morning and asked me to come in immediately. I was definitely a bit paranoid from the health and financial implications of the accident, but the doc and Danielle were super patient and detailed with me. Dr. Fayyad couldn't save the fractured tooth (but he sure tried), and he referred me to Dr. Timothy Wu at PerioMed who took care of the extraction and implant. During the first week of recovery, Dr. Fayyad texted and called me regularly to check up and provide medical advice. Does your dentist do that? Danielle is always cheery and positive, which brightens up my visits. The front desk staff is also great; they remember who I am (hard to forget a guy with a giant tooth gap maybe) and are always cheerful and patient. THANKS SMILES!

January, 2013

R S.

I'm going there for about 4 years now. My whole family, even my kids and my friends like to go there too. Every time I'm there I feel pampered and know that I'm getting the best treatment I can ever get. Everything is on top! We are happy that we found this place 4 years ago.

January, 2013

V J.

I'll give you the Good, the Bad & the Ugly: First for the positives: Smiles Dental has a fantastic staff. The receptionist is really sweet and is always smiling, attentive and very helpful. Dr. Peri Eilers is also very nice. Some of the other *permanent* staff are really pleasant as well (not interns). The Indian dental assistant does a real good job as well.
I had enjoyed going to Smiles Dental for regular dental check up and clean-up, but stopped last year. Here is why: The problem starts out when they refer you to Dr. William S. Hall for an Invisalign (teeth braces) treatment. I was told that it would cost me $4800 for about 2 years of crowding treatment (one tooth slightly overlaps the other). I politely declined the treatment, as I don't really have any gaps in my teeth and the tooth overlap ("crowding") is barely noticeable. After rejecting the offer, I was bombarded with emails, snail mail and telephone calls to sign up for the Invisalign procedure. I politely kept declining. Next time I went for my 6 monthly clean-up, I was assigned a new "intern" (not any of the regular permanent dental assistants). This new lady "intern" had a mission: to file out my bottom front teeth and make gaps in them. Since I had been going to Smiles Dental, I barely noticed that she spent less time cleaning the teeth, and more time filing out my bottom 2 teeth. Once the process was done I just said thanks and walked out the door (as usual). Once I reached home and saw what was done to my teeth I could not believe the horror! The idea was for her to make gaps in my teeth so I would be forced to go for the Invisalign treatment! What a bunch of crap! Is this how you treat a long-time patient? Needless to say, I stopped going there after that incident, and am considering pressing charges. The Bottom Line: Please steer clear of the "free Invisalign estimate" as that would ultimately hurt you in the end!

January, 2013

J A.

I will say it straight and to the point. The office is clean and updated. I strongly recommend asking only for Angie the hygienist to clean your teeth. She's very thorough, fast and painless. I felt she did a great job teaching me the right way to do things rather than being scolded and told to floss more as I have been told in the past. Dr Zubro is also great, painless and understanding of my needs and concerns! The staff is always friendly and nice. I give it 5 stars.

January, 2013

Nika K.

I love this place! This review is definitely long over due. Came here over a year ago to get my last two wisdom tooth removed, and a deep cleaning. Dr. Eiler's should have been the keeper here. She was amazing. Too bad she no longer works here. My teeth definitely needed some TLC since i hadn't been to a dentist for over a year!
As far as insurance/payment goes. This place gave me a pretty good deal considering the fact I'm a cash patient.
Still come here for regular cleaning. Kudos for the free bottled water and granola bars!

November, 2012

Rocio L.

I have been to many dentist offices and never have found one I am happy with. Until now, this place is great. I love how friendly and honest the staff is. They are always on time, i never have to wait. I take my kids there which are 5 and 12, even they love it here. They never fuss when its time to go to the dentist.
I recommend them to everyone.

November, 2012

Marshall B.

I have been going to Smiles Dental for many years and can't say enough wonderful things about them! Dr. Hall recenly placed veneers on my upper teeth and the result is amazing. I love the aesthetics and have received many compliments from friends on my new look. In addition, Dr. Hall was very patient and professional with all of my dental concerns. I couldn't imagine a better dentist.

August, 2012

Amelia R.

I'm very sorry that I'm the odd person out, but I had a pretty bad dental experience here. The doctor and staff were great, but my dental hygienist, although nice, put the fear of dentistry into me. I've never had a dental phobia, but I left with one. :(
The initial cleaning was rough, the hose was often attached to my tongue, and when I got home, there was a bloody spot on my gum in the back of my mouth. At the same visit, the hygienist saw I was missing a tooth, but recorded the wrong one. It turned out I needed a deep cleaning. I SHOULD have taken all of the little warning flags into consideration, but I didn't and scheduled a deep cleaning with her.
The first one went okay, the second one resulted in half my face and head being numb + seriously painful injection, the third one resulted in an injection that was EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL. And like the other visits, the vacuum tube was once again stuck to my tongue and I was choking on water. On top of that, half of my head was numb. I have a mouthful of fillings, and I've never had my head go numb. I looked it up online, and it turns out having half your head go numb is not normal and considered extremely rare by most dentists. With the hygienist I saw, It happened twice. Horrible experience.
As soon as I got home I cancelled my final appointment. I was going to go back and see a different hygienist, but in the end just thinking of seeing that office again gave me cold sweats.
I ended up going to a different dentist a month later for the last cleaning and the experience was night and day. I was terrified at first, but it didn't hurt at all, a completely different type of injection was used (tiny, just under gum line instead of in jaw), and the cleaning felt more professional.
The moral of the story is that if you go Smiles, make sure to ask for a seasoned dental hygienist. I think if I'd had a different hygienist, this review would be much different.

February, 2012

Melissa O.

the dentist is my kryptonite. no, really. i have had some MAYJURly bad experiences and so my fear kept me away. bad, bad decision on my part because nothing is worse than a sudden toothache that will N O T go away, no matter what you do.
enter, smiles dental.
i called, sucked up every ounce of dignity i had and explained how anxious i was to even be talking with a dental office, let alone actually considering going there. very nice and accomodating lady (who i later found out was cindy) talked me through it all and helped me figure out a date/time to come in for an initial consultation.
so i show up, literally shaking in my chuck taylors, and immediately was greeted with a huge hug (cindy) and was given a nice tour of their office. x rays were taken, treatment was proposed, and off i went, feeling better about understanding what needed to happen but still apprehensive about how i was gonna get through it all, even with sedatives.
throughout all my (almost) weekly appointments, everyone there was nothing short of FANTASTIC. there were a few glitches along the way (software failure, change in insurance coverage) that were irritating at the time, but from a pain/uncomfortability perspective i was given white glove treatment. honestly my experience was much better than i could have ever anticipated.
after 2 months of going through it all, i have a killer smile, am pain free and have even booked my next maintenance appointment 6 months in advance!

February, 2012

Alex M.

Okay, I am not ever a fan of going to the dentist, but the people at Smiles make it quite tolerable, even for me! I have so far never had to wait for more than three minutes for my appointments, everyone was very courteous and helpful, and the staff take special care to help me keep my fear of dental work under control.
I have been a customer since 2009, and usually go to Dr Hall, but also have once seen Dr. Eilers. They are both super-professional and skilled. Dr. Hall did some reconstructive work on my lower incisors and even I can't tell any difference from my other teeth! This was in February, and the repairs still hold, like on day one.
Dental hygienists are also awesome here, and I intend to continue coming to this practice for a long time.

December, 2011

May Y.

I recently went to a new dentist (not at Smiles Dental -- let's call that dentist Dr. X) and received a very suspect evaluation that included recommendations that I have a significant amount of work be done (significant in terms of both $, time, and potential pain). A friend referred me to Smiles Dental to get a second opinion, and I'm extremely glad that I went.
There happened to be a space available on the day I called, and I was treated with courtesy by the front desk staff. Dr. Eilers took a look at my teeth, pointed out that different dentists can have different opinions (a very fair statement, I thought), and then informed me that some of the work that Dr. X had highly recommended may actually not be necessary. Her opinions were in line with my previous dentist (the one that I had had before Dr. X). She explained her opinions clearly and concisely, and found the time to polish a couple rough spots. Dr. Eilers' demeanor was amiable, down-to-earth, and straightforward, and it's clear that the well-being of her patients is very important to her (Dr. X, on the other hand, seemed to be out to make a few quick bucks). But I shall focus on the positive and simply say that Dr. Eilers deserves the highest marks!!

November, 2011

Michelle D.

Very reasonable and professional. I have needed a Perio scale root planing and I knew it was going to be rough. Let me first say this. It is very difficult to find a team of dental professionals in one location that you trust to care for all your dental needs. When and if you find this, you know how valuable this is. "Twee" who practices with Smiles Dental is very gentle kind and patient. No shame in the condition of my mouth but instead she left me with a feeling empowered and informed.
A few weeks later I was able to begin the crucial work on my mouth. Smiles Dental changes all the misconceptions I have had toward dental care. Cindy, who is an excellent listener and an exceptional communicator explained everything I needed and how we can best begin with insurance coverage. At this time in my life I have excellent dental coverage. The staff at Smiles Dental know that there are many choices in this area and when you choose them, they live up to all your expectations in a comforting setting.
Dr.Tiffany Chan is my chosen Dentist. She listens to my dental concerns and works with me as so much dental work has made me a very anxious client. I trust her with my dental care and my families dental care. I basically have the dental dream team I have always needed. Myla, Dr. Chan's assistant is insightful focused and present and after having a few intense procedures with those two professionals, the dental anxiety I had in the past is almost non existent. I don't need to medicate and be out of work of the remainder of the day.
If you find this is a season in your life where you need major dental work or just yearly cleaning, this is the best in the bay :)
I just wanted to update this: Feb 2014
Smiles is just as excellent as they were when I first wrote a review for them.
My crown came off today, they are working me in today as we leave for vacation tomorrow. Excellent Cleaning specialist named Twee. She is gentle and will teach you as she cleans.

March, 2011

Jean N.

Try going there again after your first visit! The experience could be totally different! The first visit, these people try their best to make you feel like you are the most lovable person in the world, they pay attention to what you say down to amazing details. But things totally turn south after they bought you with their $5 Starbucks card and a card saying how much they love you their and you are on good hands.
The staffs are pretty unfriendly and when told what they do to you are not comfortable, they became very defensive and argued with you, totally not treating the patients with due sensitivity and respect. Their opening hours are also super-unfriendly, M-Th 9-5 only with 1-2pm lunchtime black-out, unless you are deemed important enough for them to make an exception to take you over their lunch hour.
Worst of all, they make every effort possible to find any fault with your teeth and intimidate you if you show any signs of hesitation to fix it. Their sales pitch makes me very uncomfortable. In summary, highly recommended if you have never been there, go there, but go there only once!

February, 2011

Surai J.

I can't believe I'm giving 5 stars to a place that I dread going to. But they are as good as it gets when it comes to making bleeding, hole drilling, needle piecing about as painless as it can be.
Been going to the dentist every 6 months since I was 8 years old. Terrified I am. Paper cuts make me cry.
But if I'm going to have to do this, then this is the place. The hygenist who cleans your teeth, Thuy (sp?) the Vietnamese older lady, has the touch of an angel. I'm never uncomfortable.
Now, Dr. Hall, the guy with the needle and drill. Well, not so painless but definitely the least painful and most informative. He talks you through the whole thing, great drill-side, I mean chair-side manner.
Recommend them highly for pain-phobics.
They do not take children, only adults who cry like one.

August, 2010

Sean J.

November, 2016

Steph S.

My family and I are new to the area, and we could not be more pleased with the staff and dentists at Smiles Dental Care. I had a filling replaced just yesterday and was impressed by Dr. Hall's skill and personable nature. The office is state-of-the-art, and all the staff are simply lovely. Plus, they don't push expensive and unnecessary procedures on you. Anything they recommend, they clearly explain why you need it and how it will benefit your overall oral health. I highly recommend this office!

October, 2016

Xiaoge S.

My family and I are new to the area, and we could not be more pleased with the staff and dentists at Smiles Dental Care. I had a filling replaced just yesterday and was impressed by Dr. Hall's skill and personable nature. The office is state-of-the-art, and all the staff are simply lovely. Plus, they don't push expensive and unnecessary procedures on you. Anything they recommend, they clearly explain why you need it and how it will benefit your overall oral health. I highly recommend this office!

September, 2016

A Google U.

June, 2016

Rey R.

Always friendly, professional and careful.

April, 2016

Thomas R.

Great Customer service. I had to have a wisdom tooth removed and received utmost care. It was a very difficult removal and had to be sent to a specialist to remove the roots. They did all they could to make sure that I was taken care of with little time to wait in the surgical office. I was told by the surgical doctor that I had roots that were fused to the bone and could not be removed without a surgical procedure. They called me after I got home to make sure that I was cared for and that there would be no charge for there work. Dr. Chen was so professional about the fact that she had to send me to the Oral specialist and to give me advice on how to stop the bleeding. Any other work done on me will be done by Smiles Dental Care

April, 2015

Byron W.

These guys are so nice and helpful. I had a great experience because they were so welcoming and communicative about medical needs, insurance and billing, scheduling, etc. They're great from A to Z.

April, 2015

Sarah M.

Great dentist! Very thorough and knowledgeable and not jumping to tons of intervention unless necessary, which I like. Willing to talk with you about individualized care.

April, 2015

Michelle D.

March, 2015

Tyler H.

Very friendly staff, and very thorough in

July, 2014

Happi Y.

Just had my cleaning and my teeth feels sleek, so smooth. Thuy is the best dental hygienist. I've tried 4 other places, but they don't clean as well as she does. Also doctor Hall have mad dental skill. He did a filling between my gap teeth that another dentist accidentally removed. She tried and refilled it twice, but it keep falling off, couldn't match Dr. Hall skilled. Highly rec Thuy and Dr. Hall only.

September, 2015

Yan T.

April, 2011