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Oral Surgery at Mountain View, CA

Wisdom teeth extraction - bone placement - bone membrane

Oral surgery at Smiles Dental includes treatments such as wisdom teeth extraction, general extraction of teeth that are heavily infected and not restorable, as well as placement of bone and bone membrane.

IV Sedation - Oral Conscious Sedation - Nitrous Oxide - Sinus Lift

Our MD, DDS on staff can also provide patients IV sedation, oral conscious sedation (pill sedation) or nitrous oxide. Our MD also can provide sinus lift treatment.

CT- Scan - Dental CBCT Scan

For the complex placement of implant crowns, an SBCT - CT-Scan is also available at our dental office so that your surgeon has the best accurate guide to place dental implants. The CT-Scan can also help surgeons read tissue and bone at a deeper level to help spot the perfect position of the implant.

Patients no longer must fear the dentist. With the comforts provided at Smiles Dental, along with the expertise of our MD and DDS team, you are well cared for. We encourage you to call our office or click here to schedule your no-charge, free consultation, dental focus exam and x-ray with our MD and or DDS. We look forward to meeting you. Click here to schedule your appointment

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