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i-CAT 3D Imaging at Mountain View, CA

At our Mountain View Cosmetic Dentistry Practice, we use the latest technologies to achieve healthy and beautiful smiles for our patients. With high-definition 3D scans, our dentists can plan your dental implant procedure or other dental treatment more precisely and efficiently than ever before.

The i-CAT dental scan provides three-dimensional images of the patient's dental anatomy.

This scan is different from the regular two-dimensional X-rays because it provides more detailed and clear information regarding the patient's tooth structure, jaws, tissue, and tooth placement in the mouth. This technology is extremely useful to diagnose tumors and cysts as well so that the patient can avoid them earlier on. With the advent of such technology, dentists have been using these scans to efficiently diagnose the problems that different patients have.

What is the Procedure for performing an i-CAT Scan?

The patient is made to sit in a stationary position while they are being scanned. This helps the patient to feel that they are in a comfortable environment. The i-CAT scan is very quick and hundreds of pictures are taken of the patient's mouth in a very short amount of time. With the help of these pictures, a three-dimensional image is compiled. It consists of different angles and views of the bone structure, teeth, and the patient's jaws. This helps the dentist to analyze the patient's tooth structure carefully.

What are the Benefits of the I-CAT Dental Scan?

  • The procedure is very comfortable and convenient.
  • The procedure is simple and very quick.
  • The scan minimizes the cost of dental treatments and produces more detailed information.
  • The dentist can view the exact position of the teeth in the patient's mouth.
  • Due to the intricate and relevant information provided by the I-CAT scan, the dentist can choose a treatment that is custom-made to suit the needs of the patient.

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