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Emergency Dentist Mountain View

If you have a dental emergency Smiles Dental can help. Teeth can become sensitive due to a variety of reasons: clenching, breakage or fractures in teeth can create tooth pain. Decayed teeth or a restoration that has broken or become loose can also cause tooth ache.

Should you have heavy pain during closed business hours, please call a hospital for immediate attention. Infections in the mouth can be dangerous and affect vision, sinus, brain and heart functions. If you are visiting during business hours, our team will do everything possible to help you by arranging an appointment with our general dentist.

What to expect?

You will be seen by a general dentist. A focus exam and an x-ray will be provided to help diagnose the cause of your tooth and or gum pain. Should the root be involved you may or may not be treated on the same day. However, a thorough examination and a plan to help relieve the pain is administered by applying local anesthetic to calm the area down. After your dental emergency, has been addressed at Smiles Dental, you will be provided options to avoid dental pain in the future.

Knocked Out Tooth:

Should you have a tooth knocked out, it is important to immediately rinse it and replace it back into the socket, hold it in place and contact Smiles Dental. If it is after the working hours, follow these instructions and then immediately go to the nearest hospital for care. Should the tooth not be able to be reinserted into the socket, rinse the tooth gently with clean water and place the it in a cup of milk and rush to the dentist or hospital for immediate emergency care.

Broken Tooth:

If you have a tooth that has broken off partially, gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water and call Smiles Dental for an immediate appointment. Should it be after business hours and you are experiencing extreme pain, contact your hospital.

If the pain is dull and not severe we advise that you keep that area clean from any food and bacteria by rinsing with warm salt water and brushing gently in that area until you can schedule an appointment with the dental team. Please call us even if it is after hours - our emergency dentist on staff can help answer your questions. (650) 964-2626. Remember if you are in pain or you are unable to receive a call within an hour, do not put yourself at risk of infection or other medical issues that can cause difficulty to blood pressure, and heart. Please contact your local hospital.

Bitten tongue or cut lip Mountain View:

If you have experienced a bitten tongue or a torn lip, clean the area by rinsing with warm water and then apply pressure with a clean cloth. If the bleeding does not stop after a couple of minutes, it is advised that you see a dentist. If it is after business hours, please contact your local hospital or a medical facility so that your injury can be treated. Cuts in and around the mouth can be dangerous and lead to heavy infection.

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