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Digital Dental X-Rays for Safe Diagnostics at Smiles Dental Care:

X-rays are an indispensable component of all dental care treatment plans. They are both diagnostic and preventative in nature. In digital dental radiography, a sensor is inserted into your mouth to obtain images of your teeth and the surrounding tissues. This sensor is an electronic device that produces images directly onto the computer screen. The dentist can take multiple images and capture the entire oral structure within seconds. They are helpful in:

  • Finding cavities
  • Looking at the tooth roots
  • Determining periodontal diseases
  • Monitoring good tooth health through prevention

Benefits over Conventional X-Rays:

  • High-quality images are produced.
  • Dental images are immediately ready.
  • Storage, retrieval, and sharing of images are done electronically.
  • Images are processed and analyzed for better results.
  • Low exposure to radiation.
  • Environmental friendly and cost effective.

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