3D Cone Beam Scan at Mountain View, CA

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3D Cone Beam Scan at Mountain View, CA

At Smiles, Dental Care, we use the most advanced dental technologies to achieve healthy and beautiful smiles for our patients. With high-definition 3D scans, Mountain View dentists Dr. Bill Hall, Dr. Tiffany Chan, and Dr. J. Janice Chou can plan your dental implant procedure or other dental treatments more precisely and efficiently than ever. The latest cone beam CT technology at Smiles Dental Care allows us to view all your teeth and the surrounding bone in 3D. Compared to traditional X-rays, cone beam CT scans lead to much more effective identification and diagnosis of oral problems.

Dental technology has evolved significantly over time and now dentists can get to the root of your dental problems within seconds. The latest dental technology is the 3-D Dental cone beam. This scan is made up of an X-ray equipment that produces three-dimensional images of one's teeth. This technology is exceedingly beneficial since it provides information that regular dental or facial X-rays cannot. It helps to find and understand the problems that peoplehave with their nerve paths, dental structures, and soft tissues.

Why is the Cone Beam Scan Important?

  • The 3-D Scan offers data about bone structure, diseases of the jaw, the nasal cavity and the sinuses.
  • Cone Beam Scan gives out lower radiation than conventional CT scans.
  • It is an all-round package that provides data for problems related to teeth.
  • It gives an undistorted view of the tooth structure in a person's mouth. This helps the dentist to actively seek out and work on minuscule problems in the teeth.

What is the Procedure for a Cone Beam Scan?

Once you enter the dentist's office, you will be made to sit or lie in a position that is convenient depending upon the scanner being used. The beam from the machine's detector is centred on the problem area to get a clearer picture of the dental structure. While the person remains still, the x-ray machine revolves around the person to get a complete scan of their mouth. This scan is then converted into a three-dimensional image.

What are the Advantages of a Dental Cone Beam Scan?

The Cone Beam Scan has many advantages as compared to the regular CT scans.

  • Its focused X-ray beam provides a clear image of a person's dental problems. The scan provides different angles and views for the dentist, so he can easily fix the problem that ails you.
  • This non-invasive, painless and precise machine is extremely efficient and produces immediate results.
  • The Dental Cone Beam produces much less radiation than a conventional CT scan does.

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